Topaz Team Expertise

The foundation of our profound global knowledge is rooted in our unwavering curiosity about the world. We listen attentively and interpret your requirements with meticulous precision, ensuring that our creations consistently align with your brand identity and financial goals.

Flexibility, combined with innovative thinking beyond the traditional events industry scope, holds immense significance for us. We aspire to share our passion and knowledge with you, guaranteeing that your event – orchestrated by the leading event management company in Dubai – will create an extraordinary and lasting impact.

CEO-Event Management Company in Dubai

Saher Elkot

CEO & Founder

Managing Director-Event Management Company - Dubai | UAE

Amr Youssef

Managing Director

Managing Director -Event Management Company - Dubai | UAE

Amr Tantaway

Managing Director AUH

Accounts Manager-Event Management Company in Dubai

Hafez Hammam

Accounts Manager

Asst General Manager-Event Management Company in Dubai

Priya Anish

Asst. General Manager

Head Of Design Team-Event Management | Dubai

Faisal Suleman

Head of Design Team

AV Production Manager-Event Management Company in Dubai

Khaled Shalaby

AV Production Manager

Event Coordinator-Event Management Company in Dubai

Sharmili Eraysha

Sr. Event Account Manager

Hadeel Social Media Specialist Team Member in Topaz Events

Hadeel Arman

Social Media Specialist

Topaz Event

How We Execute?

Our sales team is the face of our company. It’s essential that all goes to plan with our vast experience at planning and designing successful events. They have a clear line of communication that allows us to deliver a seamless event experience to you

Our design team is one of our integral parts of the company. They are excellent in 3D design, graphic design, motion graphics, editing and photography. Our design team will make sure they meet your deadlines and satisfy you by the designs beyond your expectations.

This is the most hardworking team in the company. They are known for their problem solving, never give up attitude, handling pressure, persistence and constant awareness of the essence of time for you. They make sure that what was presented to you in the designs will be better than what you see.